Posted by: Steve Coplan | April 20, 2007

Links for a Spring Friday

For fans of South Park’s incisive political commentary: Google search turns up that Niger ‘yellow cake’ letter was a fraud. In other words, a group of Washington Post journalists have written a book about the US Administration’s blind rush to war that could be a punchline in a cartoon show. The barbarians at the gate grow more numerous.

Microsoft’s Ms Dewey: certainly easy on the eyes, very expensive to produce and an interesting attempt at a search user interface. What works in Microsoft unfortunately doesn’t work for most other people on the planet.

Frederic Galliano’s new album, drawing inspiration from Angolan and Brasilian dance music.

When the Nazi war machine swept into the Soviet Union in 1941, a half million Jewish men and women donned their uniforms and heeded the call to protect their country. The Jewish Soldier’s Red Star.

Video for Abdelli’s new album, the result of four years of global peregrinations. Attempts at fusion of traditional styles is sometimes gimmicky, but sometimes manages to achieve its aim: use music as a common language. Still not sure about Abdelli, but the lute is one of my favorite instruments after the banjo.

Sephardi Bakashot from Brooklyn’s Syrian community.


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