Posted by: Steve Coplan | November 21, 2006

Playaz Club

On the subject of music and San Francisco, I was reminded of this Rapper 4 Tay clip (which may offend some sensitive viewers) when I read “On why I gave up on hip-hop” at the WaPo’s site. The San Francisco radio station I listened to played it every morning around the same time as I hit the intersection of Gough and Market on my way to my company’s Mission offices in the salubrious environs of Crack Alley aka Junkie Lane thanks to San Francisco’s lax possession prosecution regime. The City of Oakland will forever remain “biggity, biggity O” for me thanks to the Playaz Club.

My experiences at the intersection reflected the rise and fall of the dot com era even as the soundtrack remained constant. The cars jostling to get onto 101 down to Silicon Valley got more expensive, shiny and new as well as numerous and the people more rude, as the bubble reached its frenzied peak. About three months after the first hiss of deflation became audible, it was taking me ten minutes less to get the mile and a half to work, and in the place of arrogance, desperation had snuck in. Still, I could always console myself with the thought that not a one of those Audi drivers would gain admission to the Playaz Club.


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