Posted by: Steve Coplan | November 16, 2006

Parsha of the week (the comic version)

Regular readers of my blog (as opposed to the hordes that happen on Noodnik through Borat-related searches) know that the parsha of the week is a regular topic for me. Writing the posts is really a means to an end for me — if you I don’t motivate myself to write the post I don’t actually read the parshah in depth and look for deeper commentary. Knowing how much effort it takes to generate something meaningful that incorporates some personal insight, I have to respect the efforts of The Comic Torah at 52 Sabbaths. Although a little too irreverent for my tastes at times – not entirely sure I am at ease with the depiction of Hashem – they do a great job of making a text of some antiquity relevant to the kids. Plus, I’m a sucker for comics. And by comics, I mean comics like the 1980s vintage of 2000 AD and Slaine – not ‘graphic novels’.



  1. Awesome Post!

    Third Rake webcomic

  2. thank you i like this post very much lovely.

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