Posted by: Steve Coplan | November 11, 2006

Why, victor do you rejoice? This victory will ruin you

There’s plenty of room to argue that Bush should be impeached, but you do have to admire his political acumen. Faced with a resounding rejection of his administration, he gets rid of Rumsfeld (illustrating that indeed he is the decider) and makes conciliatory sounds about working with the Democrats to support the troops. While the Iraq war is now his greatest liability, the Democrats have simply traded on popular discontent and have done nothing to chart a way out of Iraq.  The Republicans lost the election more than the Democrats won it. So what course of action does Bush take now? He moves to blunt the advantage that Democrats hold with the war. How does he do that? By co-opting the Democratic leadership so that they have to propose a solution “for the troops”. When 2008 swings around, Bush can turn the tables and ask what have the Democrats put on the table to resolve the situation, and why they haven’t found ways to move US troops out of harm’s way. Fortunately for Bush, the Democrats have in Nancy Pelosi a leader more than willing to rush into the trap after being sidelined for the last six years.


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