Posted by: Steve Coplan | November 7, 2006

Halloween Parade


I am not sure whether Caleb will remember his first Halloween of trick and treating, but I will since it was my first too. After a while you tend to internalize that you are an immigrant with a different frame of reference from most, and just move on, accepting that you’ll never have Liewe Heksie in common with virtually anyone you meet. As we led Caleb around our neighborhood with his friends, I could sense that for the parents around me the experience had all the signposts of memory. I never had the childhood memories that most Americans share of Halloween, which I’ve generally not considered a terrible misfortune since it always struck me as yet another manifestation of American consumerism. Although I would add I have always enjoyed the more adult Halloween last bash before winter.

So watching Caleb and his friends in their costumes along with hundreds of other kids that their parents had chosen for them , it suddenly occurred to me that those first memories were being imprinted, and I am pretty sure they were good ones. I am often asked why I moved to the US, and as I saw the look on Caleb’s face, I understood a little better why.


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