Posted by: Steve Coplan | October 18, 2006

Tommy Saxondale

I am still undecided whether Saxondale is actually funny, or is more of a drama with comedic elements. The character is a bit of a departure for Steve Coogan, especially when compared with Alan Patridge, which is indubitably hilarious. Tommy Saxondale is conscious of his many faults but is so much of a misanthrope that his only real motivation for change is being alone and penniless.  He hasn’t quite relinquished his youth but detests the young. I am quite curious to see how his relationship with his assistant develops as an analog for the father-son relationship.



  1. simply the pest!

  2. ….you can say what you want about anger management but if it’s between me and a crack squirrel, I will take that squirrel down…….I will take that squirrel down to Chinatown!

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