Posted by: Steve Coplan | October 11, 2006

Success is a mental transformation

If you’d like to convince potential employers that you are deeply narcissistic, potentially sociopathic, and probably delusional follow the lead of this fellow (via Dethroner via IvyGateBlog).

I alternate between feeling sorry for the guy since he’s trying too hard (calling to mind this track from Day One whose initial promise in 2000 looks to have faded), is a Yalie and is clearly deeply insecure with utter disbelief. Plus, he reminds me of my former brother-in-law – the kind of guy who believes that lifting 495 pounds albeit with the obvious assistance of three hefty spots and then only once somehow proves something. The real kicker is this article from the Yale Rumpus (page 12). On second thoughts, it may be the bricks at the end of the video that have clearly been cut before he “splits” them.



  1. I found this study to be fascinating, as well. Finally some light is being shed on my male menstrual cramps. My mother kicked me out of the house from shame. Perhaps now she will accept me for who I am and what I suffer from.

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