Posted by: Steve Coplan | August 23, 2006

Fiction and fantasy

After being vaguely amused by Tristram Shandy, Mary has picked up a commonality running through Steve Coogan’s work — you are constantly questioning how much of the persona is constructed and how much of his delusional egotism is real. 24 Hour Party People was an excellent film, but in terms of comedy I’d say the later series of Alan Partridge are the pinnacle, and the template for more successful series like ‘The Office’ that followed it.



  1. i’d like to inject a bit o’ esoteric-comedy kuh-nowledge if i may … Dominic Brigstocke, Armando Iannucci and Tristram Shapeero (among many others) all played key roles in bringing alan partridge to life. relatedly, they’re all interconnected with ricky gervais and victoria pile, as well.

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