Posted by: Steve Coplan | August 2, 2006

Bigfoot research

There’s obviously plenty of hoaxes and kooks (like my brother who once argued that homo sapiens are the progeny of aliens that landed on Mount Shasta and these giant primates) out there, but a fair amount of respectable research is being done on gigantopithecus blacki (aka Bigfoot, Sasquatch and the Yeti). Here’s the Wikipedia entry. The Sasquatch entry is a little more contentious.

This article suggests that gigantopithecus could have been contemperanous with modern human beings, and this movie profiles a scientific reconstruction.  The distribution of sightings – Malaysia, Tibet and the nothern Pacific coast of the American landmass — would support the contention that these are related relic populations, with some moving over the Bering land bridge in the ice ages.

Big Foot Research Organization

Oregon Bigfoot


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