Posted by: Steve Coplan | July 13, 2006

Linguistic deflection

My 20-month old son is in the early stages of language acquisition. It’s an incredible experience to witness as he adds new words on a daily basis and comes to terms with this amazing tool he now has at his disposal to describe and manipulate the world around him. Unfortunately, his interest in additional linguistic input and rare lapses in my general sense of goodwill to the rest of humanity (even those who should never drive a car ever) occassionally combine to introduce more salty terms into his vocabulary. In order to subtly discourage him from repeating them, we’ve come up with a set of linguistic deflections:

F*cked = firetruck (easy, currently an object of much fascination)

Sh*t = shirt (OK, but not really that interesting)

Arse = Eye (easy, still mastering facial features

Arsehole = Eyebrow

Still working on f*cking arsehole.


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