Posted by: Steve Coplan | June 23, 2006

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Given the relative amount of traffic my link to Kabobfest generated, and the mostly unproductive exchange of views on the blog, I thought I’d offer my opinion (which seems to be about as informed as most of Kabobfest's posters) in the hopes of fostering civil debate. It’s my assessment that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been so intractable because both sides are WRONG.

The Arab states were WRONG to invade Israel after the UN approved the creation of a Jewish state in certain areas of the British mandate.

Israel was WRONG to forcibly or otherwise remove Arab populations from areas like Lod, Ramle and Haifa.

The PLO was WRONG not to recognize Israel’s right to exist and advocate terrorism against non-military targets.

Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in violation of international law is WRONG.

Suicide bombs targeting civilians are WRONG.

Israel’s economic stranglehold of the West Bank and Gaza and arbitrary travel restrictions that create a sense of powerlessness are WRONG.

Yasser Arafat was WRONG not to accept Ehud Barak’s deal.

Sharon was WRONG to turn his back to the Palestinian leadership and emasculate them.

Palestinian supporters are WRONG to equate Jews with Israelis and Israeli with Jews.

Israelis are WRONG to equate Palestinians with ignorant peasants incapable of reaching a compromise.

Israel’s supporters are WRONG to equate legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies with anti-semitism.

Palestinian supporters are wrong to condone anti-semitism in the guise of opposition to Israel's policies.

Both sides are WRONG to delude themselves that anything other than a painful political settlement will resolve the conflict.

Both sides are WRONG to advance religious arguments to advance their cause.


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