Posted by: Steve Coplan | June 12, 2006

Who I don’t want to win the World Cup

Since South Africa didn't qualify and I can't quite yet bring to myself to 'root' for the US, my allegiances lie with Angola purely on the basis of geographic proximity. Although they gave quite a gutsy display against Portugal, they don't really stand a realistic chance of advancing to the next stages.  And neither do many of the other African teams (and by African, I really mean sub-Saharan).  I am far more certain about how I will be cheering against – call it the World Cup equivalent of Anybody But The Yankees.  Up until yesterday, Germany and England topped the list. Germany because of a certain historical animus, and England because they are terrible at winning and depression is the natural state of the Englishman.  Argentina have vaulted to the top of the list with their display against Cote D'Ivoire (my next best African team).  For a country that considers itself at the pinnacle of the football/soccer world, their performance was abysmal. Cynical, underhanded, and with more grimacing than a Greek tragedy.  The crowning moment was a substitution in the 92nd minute to burn the last seconds Cote D'Ivoire were scrambling for a draw. Given that Cote D'Ivoire stretched Argentina thin suggests to me that I probably won't have to wait too long for their elimination.   



  1. Looks like you’ve had some extra time to give more updates. Keep up the good work. What about Brasil??

  2. Brasil is everyone’s favorite.

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