Posted by: Steve Coplan | June 5, 2006

Wa wa weehwa!

Purely by chance and thanks to a friend’s performance anxiety, I managed to catch the Upright Citizens Brigade’s weekly improv performance this weekend. They are clearly a very talented group of people who put on a great show every week. But in terms of pure comedic value, sheer outrageousness (please refer to thong image further down in this post) and satiric instincts, Sacha Baron Cohen fits the bill. Of course, the humor verges on juvenile and is often simply gratuitous – ‘testes satchel’ comes to mind – although I’m not sure whether that’s a necessarily a bad thing. Still, it’s the underlying subversiveness (‘He is strong man like Stalin’) that really cracks me up. Plus, he’s a nice Jewish boy from North London who purloined the Borat catch phrase from a bad Israeli commercial in the early 1990s when he was on a youth movement training course with some of my momentarily misguided friends. And he just won’t ever back off.


So it is with great anticipation that I look forward to the release of Borat the Movie. Ali G the Movie set a reasonably low benchmark for full length endeavors ie it was kind of crap, but all indications are that Borat won’t disappoint.

And as a special bonus via The Mexican – Korki Butchiek’s Chechen counterparts.


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