Posted by: Steve Coplan | May 30, 2006

Best film review ever!

Well, at least the most amusing I’ve read in a while. I will admit that I am one of the 40 million people who’ve read the Da Vinci Code. My excuse is that I always enjoy a good conspiracy theory and was curious what all the fuss was about (so I could at some point replicate the successful formula). Plus, reading the book doesn’t actually require too much concentration.

What is disappointing is the waste of a fantastic cast. Here’s my list of movies which do justice to the cast’s talents.

Jean Reno: Leon

Audrey Tatou: Amelie, and a supporting role in L’auberge espagnole

Ian McKellen: It’s a tough one, but I’ll have to go with Richard III.

Paul Bettany: Bent, A Beautiful Mind

Tom Hanks: Turner & Hooch, You’ve got Mail and a Bonfire of Vanities

Alfred Molina: Final segment with Steve Coogan in Coffee and Cigarettes


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