Posted by: Steve Coplan | May 17, 2006

A bunch of nerdy English guys

Was Mary’s assessment when we caught Gomez in an acoustic set at the Housing Works Used Book Café. Nerdy, I would concede, but also a group of talented musicians who don't take themselves too seriously that for one reason or another I’ve been listening to quite consistently since 1998. It’s kind of an odd experience to discover that without being conscious of it, having committed to memory songs from six albums over the space of seven or eight years. Still, I was hardly one of the more devout fans – like the guys who knew every word of every song, and every single transition. Made for a fun evening. A few songs from the concert (note: quality is pretty crappy given that it was recorded on a cell phone.) Check out the audience participation on 'Get Myself Arrested', including the line that so neatly captures the self delusion of late adolescence: "He only grows for guys he knows – and me."

In our gun

Revolutionary Kind

How We Operate

Get Myself Arrested



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