Posted by: Steve Coplan | March 18, 2006

Album (s) of the year

This is a synchronic list:

1984 – ‘Thriller”, Michael Jackson (bit of cheat), ‘Beat Street’ soundtrack

1985 – ‘Brothers in Arms’, Dire Straits; ‘Once upon a time’, Simple Minds; ‘Hunting High and Low’, A-Ha

1986 – ‘So’, Peter Gabriel; ‘Raising Hell’, Run DMC

1987 – ‘Joshua Tree’, U2; ‘Music for the masses’, Depeche Mode; ‘Third World Child’, Johnny Clegg & Savuka

1988‘The Rising Tide’, Bright Blue

1989 – ‘3 Feet and Rising’, De La Soul; ‘Full Moon Fever’, Tom Petty; ‘Labor of Love II’, UB 40

1990 – ‘Fear of a black planet’, Public Enemy; ‘Ritual de lo Habitual’, Jane’s Addiction
1991 – ‘Out of Time’, REM; ‘Goodbye, Jumbo’ World Party; ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’, Red Hot Chili Peppers; ‘Achtung Baby’, U2

1992 – ‘Screamadelica’, Primal Scream; ‘Southern Harmony and Musical Compilation’, Black Crowes; ‘The Chronic’, Dr Dre; ‘Time’, Tananas
1993 – ‘Dusk’, The The; ‘Connected’, Stereo MCs; ‘Vs’, Pearl Jam
1994 – ‘Dummy’, Portishead; ‘Mellow Gold’, Beck; ‘Protection’, Massive Attack; ‘Talking Timbuktu’, Ali Farka Toure; ‘Natural Born Killers’ Soundtrack
1995 ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’, Smashing Pumpkins; ‘Amplified Heart’, Everything but the Girl; ‘Kids’ Soundtrack

To be continued….


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