Posted by: Steve Coplan | March 8, 2006


Def Jam’s latest attempt to shake its mid-table obscurity is an artist called Rihanna who has just released a single called ‘SOS’. ‘SOS’ does not simply sample ‘Tainted Love’, it plagiarizes it. And the result is mediocre at best . Rihanna is certainly easy on the eyes, but her voice is unexceptional.
Tainted Love was one of the seminal songs of my adolescence. I remember the first time I heard it at the back of a station wagon being shlepped to the Johannesburg College of Education’s gifted children program. I don’t think I ever saw the world in the same way. Hearing the 12-inch remix of Tainted Love is probably the best reminder of my mental and emotional state at 16, which despite the customary teenage alienation compounded with my discontent with the hypocrisy around me, was actually largely optimistic.


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